30 May 2011

Odd comment for the day

Ever have a moment during the day where you say something really odd and you sit back and think to yourself, "I never thought I would say that"?

Today's stems from walking through the kitchen ......"Why does this room smell like a bandaid?"

What is your odd comment for the day or week?

29 May 2011

Take the moment

It was a busy Saturday here yesterday.

Hustling and bustling was the order of the day with gardening, clothes washing, general house tidying, regularly coercing The Eldest to clean up his room, savoury muffin baking and attempted amigurumi knitting for the yarn bombing. It was just a blur of busyness for the whole day.

Husband took The Littles to the shops to purchase some eggs so I can bake a chocolate cake for dessert. The opportunity was seized to finish up some lose ends for the day before they came back home. I moved quickly, thinking to myself  "I may even get a chance to have a cup of tea by myself" as I headed back towards the kitchen. Then I looked on the wall - it was painted in the most beautiful hue.

I looked out the window and the world was golden. It was a moment to stop, appreciate and take in the natural beauty. Most definitely a photo moment.

Want to see?

Golden slumbers

Sometimes when we are busy with life, we miss the little moments that can just take our breath away. So don't ignore them when they present themselves to you. Stop. Take the moment and mediate on the little things. You will be glad that you did.

25 May 2011

Beans, beans, beans

Recently we had a lovely package arrive from Eden Seeds with, amongst seeds for my long yearned for English Garden, was some "magic beans". They are magic because the beans change colours from purple to green when you cook them and come by the most regal of names. Purple King.

But before we can see their amazing display of hypercolour, we needed to get these in the ground. Imp was very eager to garden with Husband by helping plant these. However she was quite content to let her parents do all the ground work first while she played. So Husband and I got stuck into it. In all reality, it was much more a case of him getting stuck into it while sort of helped and took photos. But who wants to get in the way of a good story!

The retaining wall for the potato patch is made from besser blocks with lovely big holes in them. Perfect size to fill up soil and place a frame above it.

The wall/bean pots 

 Soil in, frame up!

Pat pat pat

Posts for frame in with some fantastic reinforcing materials of blue metal thanks to the generous donation from the local council roadworks division *cough* joys of living on a gravel road *cough*

Hello little bean! 

Imp is ready to do her part to help.

In the ground you go 

One down .....

Our lovely little garden 

All done! I just love our lovely little vegie patches.

22 May 2011


Do you believe Fairies live in your garden? I think if they did live in ours, this looks like a perfect spot.

Garden hidey holes

cap·ture - To succeed in preserving in lasting form

20 May 2011

Laying low

Activities in the house for the last week came to a sudden and sharp grinding halt.

Imp's energy levels dropped off very quickly one evening and we soon discovered that our little girl had a cold. She spent her days camped out on the lounge, watching some Charlie and Lola DVDs. It is hard to watch in helplessness while our children struggle through colds. I could see her getting frustrated with not having the energy to jump around and play like she usually does.

The generosity of colds frustrate me to no end. Sure enough two days later, Husband and I both woke up in the morning to that knowing, burning sensation in our respective throats. Great. Then Squeak started to lose her usually cheery self and was a ball of miserable clinginess.

Mayday. Mayday. We were going down.

It is hard to keep plodding while being sick yourself and take care of unwell Littles as well. Sleep was punctuated with coughs and cries. I hate seeing my babies unwell. It just eats me up inside.

We spent the week bunkered down in our house, not doing too much and just trying to recover. Husband has been fantastic. Heading out to work, to then come home and cook dinner and then co-parenting. I don't tell him often enough, but he rocks the whole domestic/partner/parenting gig. Love you Husband man.

14 May 2011

Creative Friday (but on a Saturday) - Knitting Scarf Completed

Due to Blogger having some major technical issues, I was unable to gain access and join in the fun being had over at  Natural Suburbia .

But here is my first installment of my Creative Friday - a scarf I have just finished knitting. The pattern is Just Enough Ruffles by the talented Laura Chau. You can buy the pattern from Ravelry.

So here is my finished product.

Just Enough Ruffles

It had its first outing this rather cold morning and kept me very warm and comfy.



Sometimes it is just impossible to not watch my girls and not feel like my heart is going to burst through my chest.

I, unfortunately, do not have any siblings despite the vocal protesting to my mother. I always vowed that I would like more than one child, as I knew the loneliness of not having a sister or brother to go to. For a while, I assumed that The Eldest may be an only child himself but as it happily turned out, the Game of Life dealt us a really nice hand.

The gap between The Eldest and Imp is a few years so not long after she turned two, I started to think about what life would be like for her when her brother decided to move onto the next phase of his life. She may feel alone. Left behind. Feel unsupported. Plus I was feeling immensely broody. It was decided that this family was missing a member.

And so Squeak choose us and joined our family. She is now at the age of really wanting to shadow her sister. There is a lot of mimicking going on and it just makes me smile to watch her attempting to connect with Imp. Sometimes there are tears and cries of frustration from both sides when they are feeling overwhelmed at the others presence. Other times there are belly laughs and giggles which my Mama senses tell me is them up to no good (otherwise known as the Shenanigans Sensor). But there is camaraderie and I can see the sisterly bond starting to take shape.

My most wonderful moment today was this morning when Imp crawled out of bed and came down to the kitchen to greet us. Squeak sprinted towards her and they both proceeded to throw their arms around each other, like long lost friends.

Just the thing to warm the soul on a brisk Autumn morning.

9 May 2011


All Aboard! by harlusphotos

cap·ture - To succeed in preserving in lasting form

8 May 2011

Stumbling through the internet

I am a knitter.

It is a reinvigorated hobby for me. My ever so patient Nana tried many moons ago to teach a rather impatient 8 year old how to knit. My attempts were interesting to say the least and I soon gave up as it did not satisfy my need for the immediate. However some of the things she showed me had thankfully embedded in the memory bank and after the birth of Squeak, I had a renewed interest in knitting.

So I tried again.

I have found the creativity process wonderful and therapeutic. Knitting actually makes me quite sleepy so there is a lot of stopping and starting but eventually I do get my projects completed. It gives me a great sense of accomplishment when I finish something and see them being worn. Through age comes patience.

Our local yarn shop is participating in the International Yarn Bombing Day and she sent emails out for any interested yarnaholics to join in. At the moment, there are many of us frantically knitting up a storm for the selected target. I am hoping it will look amazing; seeing all this colourful knit-fitti everywhere.

As part of my project for this, I was on the look out for a pattern to knit leaves. I soon came across this wonderful blog and starting reading her other posts. She wrote about a day where her children helped her sun dye some wool. Now I was intrigued, as I longingly looked down at my bag of undyed merino superwash. This page was soon bookmarked for another day.

The next day it was sunny. Very sunny. I looked at my Eldest, who was home from school with a cold, and said to him "There is lots of sun".

"Indeed" he replied with a knowing grin.

Very soon there was hive of activity in the kitchen as plain hanks were bring brought to life under the watchful eye of the Eldest, with vocal approval from Imp and Squeak who were running through the kitchen. Eldest and I then placed in jars to bake in the sun for the day.


Baking, baking.
                           Baking, Baking

We were rather pleased with the end results. There were some gaps in the colour which meant that Eldest and I could then try our hand at painting the food colouring on the next day. We then wrapped it up in gladwrap and once again let it bake in the sun. The final results were really stunning, including the multi purple goodness that I made up under the especially close supervision of its owner Imp. She literally swooned when she saw her favourite colours on the skein.

End result!!
End result.