26 June 2011

Meet Squidward.

This is Squidward.

Guess Who

He is the newest member of the family. Made mostly by Husband, with lots of assistance from The Eldest, and some more lighter duties and general supervision from The Littles. Squidward is our new cob oven. Named, in part, because of the shape his nose reminded The Eldest of the character from Spongebob Squarepants.

Grey hair

Squiddy is very efficient at heating up and does cook the most fantastically tasting pizzas. We are all impressed with the contribution that Squiddy has added to the family fold and look forward to how he cooks the sourdough bread that Husband is helping develop in the kitchen.

My nose feels a little warm

21 June 2011


Since Squeak joined the family last year, the majority of my mothering has really centred itself on her. She has needed me for pretty well everything; she even sleeps on me during the day. We are very close and we have a very symbiotic relationship.

Unfortunately, there are another two Littles here who still require and need their mother too. Not so much The Eldest as he is seeming to gravitate towards Husband more so lately but Imp is still quite small. Before Squeak entered our world, we were two peas in a pod.

She was my little shadow and we had great fun together. I delighted in her exploration. I felt my heart break when she was sad. I stood by helpless when she was unwell. I adored and loved my "second chance" at motherhood.

However since Squeak's birth, I have not had the same amount of time as in the past to just be "one on one" with Imp. Husband has really taken to filling the hole and their relationship was strengthened immensely. I felt her pulling away from me, understandably, but I started to grieve our former bond.

Yesterday, Squeak fell asleep and I was able to transfer her into the bed with great success. For the next two hours while she slept, Imp and I played. We built a race track in the sand pit for her cars, built a forest for her track, watched some Charlie and Lola while I brushed her hair. It was just the most lovely afternoon.

I was so thankful to Squeak for having a very long nap, as it afforded Imp and myself the opportunity to reconnect. It was a day that will stay with me for a long time.

Mama and Daughter