11 October 2011

| day 10 | Join the club!

"Mummy! Mumeeeeeeee! Mama! Come quick. QUEEEEEEEEEEEWCK!"

"Oh my god, what's wrong?! Who is hurt? Is it Squeak? Has Squeak hurt herself?" I am zipping through the rooms at a speed that is usually reserved for more athletic types. I am desperate to get to the lounge room to see what the problem is. What am I going to discover when I get in there?

Imp is bouncing up and down with a huge smile on her face. Oh great, what has she has done to her sister this time. Squeak looks intact, upright, tear free. Hmmm ok. I look at Imp again, nope still smiling but now there is pointing involved. At the TV. I then see the reasoning that required my immediate apparition into the lounge room.

Bloody. Justine. Clarke.

"Look Mummy. LOOOOOK! It's Justine Club"

Yep, its a club. Which we appear to have a life long membership to. Sigh.

I blame the iPhone. That's right, it is completely Apples' fault. Not mine. Not at all. It is not my fault that I found an ABC Kids app in the iPhone store. Or that it had a music section. Or that I plugged it into the MP3 port in my car to placate restless children. Or that the friendly woman's voice was singing a song about going on "A Little Day Out".

Or that one song in particular soothed my young babe when she didn't like riding in the car. Or that it got played over. And over. And over.

Or that because I was sick and tired of hearing how the garden grew that I went into the iTunes store (see, Apple again!!) and bought the album that the song came from. And burnt it to a disc.

And put it in the car.

And then let The Smalls hear it.

And now, 12 months down the track, it is the only music that plays in the car when The Smalls are in it.

Damn you!!

I am stuck in the Club. A musical Groundhog Day. I know all the songs off by heart. The only way that Husband and I get through some drives is to change the lyrics to amuse ourselves. Unfortunately, no child based network will ever offer us a recording contract based on our versions.

The Eldest will able to escape soon as he is off to his Dads for the holidays. He asked me to update his iPod (dammit Apple) with some different music, as he has just discovered Metallica (ahhh the old skool music). So I loving went through; found heaps of the music he wanted and uploaded them. 

With some Justine scattered through to mix it up a little. 

Why should I deprive my son the opportunity to listen to the soundtrack of all our driving for the past year? I mean, that is just cruel. What kind of mother would take away such joy from a young man's life?

Me! Bwa ha ha ha


  1. Haha. Your lucky, lucky son. Justine & Metallica sure do go well together o_O

  2. I belong to the "Justine Club" too, I'm afraid. Thankfully it's not the worst kid's music!

    But only at home. In the car, the kids don't realise that kid's music can even be played there. I only play my stuff. Bad, bad mother, I know.


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