23 November 2011

What learning looks like.

"How can a child possibly learn at home?"

Like this.

Lunchtime learning

Imp learned a couple things today at lunchtime. She seized the opportunity to name the letters of the alphabet while eating. Letter recognition AND multi-tasking!

12 November 2011

Spring Restoring Force

Right now, I have a sleeping Squeak sprawled across my lap. I can hear the audible rumbling from the neighbour's ride-on, as he mows his lawn for the third time this week. Behind the constant growling, I hear animated conversations between The Husband and Imp outside.

This is our Saturday afternoon.

I take my prime position as the safe harbour for my youngest, as she nestles into her boat of slumber. Squeak has spent much of the early afternoon outside with her Daddy and Imp. It has been a busy Spring day outside. For a day that started off hiding under a shroud of soft fog, it has swung across to the opposite position on the pendulum. The white blanket has lifted. It is warm, sunny and humid. Good gardening weather.Good outside weather.

There has been bike riding, running, long and concentrated observations of the chickens. The Husband was cajoled into redrawing Imp's hopscotch on the pavers, as the last one was washed away by the overnight rain. This then required that the creator road test his work and the next half hour was spent with Imp being taught the fine art of hopscotch by The Husband. Learning is always happening.

We have pulled out flowers which had seen better days and replaced them with new vegetables and a Rosemary. Out with the old, in with the new. This has been a constant rhythm for us over the past few weeks, both inside and out. Being disciplined and motivated enough to sort through objects, clothes, paperwork that is no longer relevant to us and disposing of it. The machinelike humming also occurred in the house from the shredder carving its way through paper. I found this to be very cathartic, to get rid of things which were tying me to my past. A weight lifted from my shoulders.

This is a definite theme for us at the moment and I don't know where this will take us, but so far I am enjoying the movement and momentum.