28 March 2012

12 months on

My inspiration for this post today comes from Alesha over at Little Sky, Big World. She wrote a post not long ago titled Life, as we know it. In her post, Alesha had photographically chronicled her move from suburbia into the wide open spaces and the opportunities that have arisen due to her tree change.

So I am shamefully stealing her idea, as I thought it was a fantastic way to take stock of what we have achieved in the past 12 months; especially when this month has been very rocky as things shifted underneath us.

Thank you Alesha for such an amazing blog post. I found it therapeutic to look back and take stock of what we have achieved, the fun we have had over the past year. I would encourage others to join in on this too.

9 March 2012

When three becomes two.

It is a sad post today, my friends.

The Eldest has decided that homeschooling is no longer for him. He decided while away on holidays with his Dad that he would give it a shot living with him and returning into the schooling fold.

While I wish him well, I am also quite in the depths of grieving the loss of my son and also reeling from the shock of the incredibly short notice that he had changed his mind.

The Husband suggested getting out of the house and clear our heads. We arrived at a beautiful beach near dusk and let The Littles run. Husband kept them occupied while I walked along the sand, deep in my swirling thoughts; picking up small rocks as I walked along and then tossing them back onto the sand.

Then I came across one which I kept and have brought home. It has a shape of a heart on it and this rock summed up that day beautifully. There was love. There was coldness. There was a hardness.

That was my day.