26 April 2012

Tissue Paper Autumn Leaves | Tutorial |

Cold, rainy days indoors quickly makes for bored children and lately we have had a lot of those days. To relieve some of the boredom, I discovered some gorgeous artwork online in a blog called The Chocolate Muffin Tree . Every time I see that name I just drool and have visions of the most tastiest tree ever. The post which caught my eye the most was one connected to Autumn. As we are well into the swing of Autumn here in the Southern Hemisphere, I thought that The Littles and I could make some colourful leaves out of paper. Where we live, there seems to be a distinct lack of trees which change colour and the season of Autumn does not appear so clearly as it does in other parts of the country. So to get the feel of the changing of the season, I decided to bring it into our home instead.

The first problem I came across is that no where around here sells the type of tissue paper that I needed. I require the type which will bleed the colour when you add water. The next best chance I had of finding some was online, however putting the words "bleeding tissue paper" into the Google search bar can come up with some interesting results and none of them from the art/craft point of view. I ended up finding some on Fishpond and patiently waited for them to arrive. Once we had our paper, we could start on our leaves.

Firstly we cut out leaf shaped objects from our white paper. We shredded the tissue paper and put it in large bowls for easy access.

We also grabbed some brushes and bowls of water. Once we were all set up, it was time to create!!

Take some tissue paper and place it on the leaf. Wet your brush and "paint" the leaf. Soon the dyes will release from the tissue paper and bleed onto the white paper.

Leave it on some board to dry and when the tissue paper looks no longer wet, carefully take it off. The leaves were dry by the following morning. We didn't throw out the tissue paper as I thought it may come in handy for another craft day.

Imp was very impressed with her leaf and it proudly is positioned above her bed.

20 April 2012

Corners of my home | kitchen |

This is my favourite spot in the house at the moment. It may also be due to the fact it is the tidiest.

What it is your favourite spot in the kitchen?

18 April 2012

Finger print tree | Tutorial |

I found this genius idea on Pinterest and sat on it for ages. I ended up making one for Husband for Fathers Day.

Items you will need:

A4 paper
Black cardboard
Paints or inkpads
Willing little fingers.

I decided to create my template in Photoshop, so first off  I needed a tree brush. I find that Brusheezy has a pretty good selection of brushes and another plus is that it is free! I used a brush similar to this.

So if you don't have a tree brush, download one and then load it into Photoshop. If you don't have Photoshop, you can find a Fingerprint tree template by using a Google image search and then print it off. I found this really cool one from One Fab Day.

Back to Photoshop: Open up a new page A4 size. I would make a few layers at this point too. Choose your tree brush and what colour you want it to be. Add this to your first layer.

On your next layer, you want to put your text in. Click on the T and then add your text.

Once you are happy with it, go to Layers and Flatten Image. Save and print.

The fun part begins....

Using either paint or inkpads, you can get your Littles to dip their finger and add the leaves to the tree. We used autumn coloured paints for our project but really the choices are endless.

Finger prints from all The Littles. All different shapes and sizes.

Once it is all dry, mount it onto the black cardboard and frame it!

15 April 2012

Sun dyeing Wool | Tutorial |

This is an extension from a previous post. This is done with food colouring.

Firstly, pick out the undyed wool you want to use. Submerge the wool for a minimum of thirty minutes in a bowl cold water and a cup of white vinegar.

There are two ways of doing this and I will go through both of them. Firstly, you can get a really big jar; one that is big enough for your hank of wool to be submerged in.

Take your wool out of the bowl of water and vinegar. Gently squeeze the excess water out of your hank.

Fill up your jar with some warm water and add some vinegar. Just a little bit. Then pop the wool in.

Grab your food colouring and add to the water. I found The Littles really loved doing this bit (and also got a wee bit overexcited so close supervision is a good idea). They especially liked watching the colour dance through the water and then cling onto the wool. Add as many colours as you wish and give it a stir when you are finished.

Then pop the jar out in the sun.

Baking, baking.

I would leave it outside for as long as possible. We put ours on the pavers, as the heat from the pavers helped warm up the water and add to the baking process.

The second way of doing it is more hands on.

While your hank is still soaking in the cold water and vinegar, lay down long strips of cling wrap on the surface you will be working from.

Remove wool from the water and gently squeeze. Then place the hank on the cling wrap. Lay it as flat as possible to achieve the most surface area.

With paint brushes, paint the food colouring onto your wool. The more you put on, the more it will grab the colour.

Once you have finished, wrap you wool up with the cling wrap. Make it as long and flat as possible. Take it outside and lay it in the sun.  Leave it outside for as long as possible.

When it is time to bring the wool inside, you will need to rinse the excess colour out. Then hang them somewhere to dry.

This is the end result of our work.


The Eldest helped me out on one of them which was dubbed "Zombie Splatter." Hmmm.


Husband came home from work and liked how it turned out. He was really interested on how we did it so went on a Google snoop later that evening. After The Littles had gone to bed, he was in the kitchen dyeing up his own wool and baking it in the microwave. He had blown us out of the water with his effort. He does that. It is impressive, yet slightly annoying.


14 April 2012

Craft Tutorials?

While skimming through old posts last night, I noticed that I even though I have posted about the end result of the craft we do, there is no in between steps on how we got there. I was surmising that if I was looking through the net for some information about a crafty idea, I would want to see some level of a step by step process.

So I am going to slowly make my way through and set out the projects that we have done, in case others wanted to see it.

Stay tuned.

13 April 2012

The Chaos is ONE!!

I have been blogging for a year! How did that happen? The time has buzzed by so very quickly. This is what I blogged about one year ago today: http://serendipityinchaos.blogspot.com.au/2011/04/anticipation.html

11 April 2012

Our Autumn Nature Table

Now it’s time to plant our garden!
 Little brown bulbs 
 Sleep in the ground 
While leaves come falling 
All around! 
Warm and cozy, 
Snug in soft beds, 
 In spring we’ll lift up
 Our sleepy heads!

5 April 2012

Imp is 5

My sweet, beautiful girl.

Today is your birthday. This day, five years ago, we welcomed you into our family. You were Daddy's first child and Mummy's first girl. We welcomed you with love, Autumn Child.

You were born ....

On a Thursday afternoon. There was an abundance of blue sky and the sun sparkled as we drove to the hospital. Soon it was time for you to arrive and I cherished hearing your cry. You very loudly announced your arrival and could be heard from in the next room! You had a mass of chocolate coloured hair and a gorgeous pink, squishy face.

When you were one ....

You could say "Daddy" and "Bubba". Your favourite food was avocado. On your first birthday, Daddy was reading you a story called "That's not my monkey". When he turned to a page that had a picture of a gorilla on it, you pointed to the picture and said "Dad-dee Dad-dee".

When you were two ...

You had perfected the art of walking and would run everywhere. You loved making messes when eating spaghetti, to the point that it turned into an art installation. We flew down to visit Mummy's family and it was also your first visit to a zoo.

When you were three ...

We moved into a different house. You become a big sister after you watched Squeak being born. For your birthday, you wanted a ladybug cake. You loved bubbles and shadowed Daddy while he worked in the garden.

When you were four ...

You loved playing outside and digging in the garden. If you saw a pile of sand, you disappeared into it to make concoctions for Mummy to "drink". You discovered Charlie and Lola on TV and loved it. Your favourite music was Justine Clarke and thus began the torture of the CD that never ends. You like to twirl and you wanted to be like Angelina Ballerina.

Now you are five ...

You have started to learn to ride a big kids bike with stabilisers. Your favourite colours in the whole wide world are pink and purple. You still love Charlie and Lola, and your favourite animal is a unicorn. Happy Birthday my precious Dancing Child. We love you so much and are so very thankful to have you in our little family.

 I'm joining in with Thankful Thursday at Kate Says Stuff.