17 June 2012


Puddles + The Littles = fun. Followed afterwards by a warm bath.

11 June 2012

Unschool Monday

Owlet has reintroduced Unschooling Mondays after a long break and I am so excited to see its return. As a homeschooling/unschooling novice who was thrown in the deep end unexpectedly last year, I look to her blog for inspiration of what unschooling looks like.

I am completely in a fog here, when it comes to unschooling, as I am a control freak by nature and like having the knowledge of what I am doing for the day. This filters down to what I want my girls to do as well so you can only imagine how uncomfortable the concept of child led learning sits with me. But, as a part of an attempt to push myself to try something different, we are going to at least give it a shot.

I chuckled when I read Owlet's post, especially when she mentioned "right, she's five, we're unschooling now." Has she been reading my thoughts? This is almost the exact notion I have had in my head, "right, Imp is five, we're schooling now." Insert shifty eye's darting back and forth here.

This is unchartered territory for me so I will be tagging along with Owlet and the other Unschool Monday crew to use as a marker to see how I am going with this and how The Littles are coping with it as well.

So what did we do today?

We had some icky weather here today. Loads of rain and very cold temperatures which meant outside play was impossible. So today was a Pyjama Public Day. On such an occasion, Imp decided that it would be a good day for fishing.

Later on in the afternoon, The Husband led The Littles in some pie making in the kitchen. Both Imp and Squeak were eager to help. Actually, they were bursting with excitement!

The end result of the collective pie making was some delicious berry tarts. YUM.