31 October 2012


I have been without my computer for a few days due to an interesting virus caught while looking at some things on Pinterest (a heads up for all of us who have a lovely time pinning to our hearts content). Because of this, I have not added all my programs back in so photos these week are brought to you by my trusty iPhone and the wonder that is instagram.

So...what have we been up to this past week? No such sit down learning as such but we all worked on balancing, either figuratively or metaphorically) and working with our hands.

There was climbing and balancing involved

Some first morning cooking lessons with The Husband (bed hair included for all)

Mama attempting to tunnel through with some Christmas presents for The Littles (occasional swearing optional.)

And finishing up with some hands on baking

They didn't even last the day.

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24 October 2012


".....Okay, the window is open. What do we do now milord?"
" I say we take our chances and go for it. Jumping out on the count of three. 1... 2...."
"She's coming!!!"
"Abort mission"


Note to self: Toy Story is not a reality program.

21 October 2012

Its the Show

show14 show (9) show (4) show (17)

It was a hot late afternoon when we ventured to the local show and we only stayed for a short time. However The Little got their pony rides and zooming down the superslide.

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14 October 2012

Just like me


13 October 2012

Our Spring Nature Table

One thing I have been itching to do since we moved here is to get a nature table set up, but everything else seem to get in the way. Unpacking, rearranging, more unpacking, more rearranging.

Finally we are settled and time has been made to create our nature table. This is still a new thing for us so we are feeling our way through this slowly.  Everyone has taken part by adding their own special touch to it. I even roped in The Husband to make a seasonal tree for us.

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11 October 2012

The Painted Sky

20121010-sunset 017 

The glorious sunset this evening. Was simply breath taking.

8 October 2012

Breadmaking | Unschool Monday |

We mix the dough,

We knead the dough,

We let the dough rise,
We punch the dough and pat the dough

It grows before our eyes.
Hot, brown loaf from a little ball,

It rises up to feed us all.
Shea Darian

This was our first attempt at baking with The Littles. They really enjoyed getting their hands into the dough and kneading it. There were squeals of excitement; sounds of patting and regular looking through the oven door to see their creations turning a golden brown.

The recipe I used came from the blog connected to the Inner West Steiner Playgroup:


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5 October 2012


cap-ture To succeed in preserving in lasting form