30 December 2012

Yuletide Cheer

There is no way on Earth that we could have missed the fact that Christmas was coming. The Littles made sure of it. Every time we were in the car and they saw the decorations hanging off the street lamps, they would let out (sometimes) small squeals from the back.

Squeak was particularly excited about the idea of Christmas but was disappointed that there was no presents under the tree when she awoke every morning. She wanted I'Mass, with special emphasis on the i!, to be here already.

 ( side note before I forget: I just love the fact that she couldn't get her mouth around Christmas but it does not beat Owlet's smallest who called it Goosecheese. That is award winning cuteness dipped in treacle right there! )

The day before, Husband and I helped The Littles put together a gingerbread house. As a way of expanding and creating new traditions, I thought I would pull from my ancestral Germanic roots - plus it's gingerbread, hello?!  I think both of the girls had great fun in helping Husband building it and I think we all had fun eating it.


Imp woke up early the next day but allowed her mother to lie in for just a little while longer. Daddy wasn't so lucky, I'm afraid. Soon her and Squeak were up and racing to the lounge room. Stockings were raided; presents unwrapped and inspected. Clear favourites appeared to be magnifying glasses to inspect the bugs outside, craft kits and the percussion set. Imp squealed at her surprise present from relatives overseas (she got a My Little Pony) while Squeak was rather taken with her knitted Monster I made her.


I felt so grateful this year for the thoughtful gifts from Husband and The Littles. A beautiful handbag, which I patted for the longest while when no one was looking. Some gorgeous sunglasses and some new funky chunky red jewelry. Last but not least, a new teapot in red. If you have not guessed it already, red is one of my favourite colours.

It was a day with just the four of us which ended with a lovely dinner by candlelight. Earlier in the day, I had  messaged my Eldest to wish him a Merry Christmas. I hope it was for him.


17 December 2012

Christmas Approaches


Another year is nearly over and another Christmas is just around the corner. Our tree is finally up, 100 percent plastic as dropping pine needles would do my head in, and has been decorated with many ornaments. Some are handmade by The Littles and myself; another one by mother when I was younger which hung on my parent's tree. Others have seen better days, like the vintage mice with one mouse looking rather sorry due to her eyes falling off, but each hold a treasured memory.

 Last night, Husband suggested that we take The Littles for a drive to see the Christmas lights. They had a lovely time, sometimes showing their excitement with high pitched squealing. We had to remind them that squealing can hurt each others ears, especially in a car, so the high pitched was replaced with little "squees" and loads of seat dancing.

This will be our last Christmas in our current town, as next year we are planning on packing up and moving interstate. Nothing like throwing caution to the wind and seizing new opportunities elsewhere. Chapters are slowly closing.