31 March 2013




Imp - walking back from boat ramp after taking some photos
Squeak - watching her sister attempt to switch on the tap. I swear her entire childhood photos will be of her looking like her hair has been dragged backwards through a hedge.

I have been a little MIA, due to moving and have only finished unpacking the house/setting up house/setting up PC so this is the first week in a little while where I haven't been using the iPhone.

Up and running again to join Che and Fidel for their 52 project.

30 March 2013

Settling in

So here we are - home. Our new home.

I still cannot get my head around the fact that we are here, well at least on a permanent basis. "No, this isn't a holiday. Yes you live here now." Still has not remotely sunk in.

When we first arrived, our wonderful friend and her family graciously allowed us to take over their craft room for a few days while we not so patiently waited for our furniture to arrive. Imp bolted into the house and propelled herself full bodied into Kestrel's arms. Yes, we have all missed her (and her awesome tribe) that much.

Day two coincided with the annual 15 Days on the Island which we all decided to go to; plus there is the Salamanca Markets and we just had to introduce Husband to it. The weather was damp (we were thanked for bringing the rain, even though our family were well and truly over it), the sky was grey but gosh I did not care. I was in Tasmania!! At the markets, listening to the Highland Pipe Band playing music which reverberated off the tall sandstone buildings of Salamanca.

Oh and the trees! The trees are just glorious. I could look at them all day and so very much look forward to them changing colour.

24 March 2013


A child free one this week.

The Husband - Enjoying a moment at Battery Point.

What a whirlwind it has been for nearly a month! We are finally here.

This has been a long time coming. Both of us were so miserable in our now previous town and we did not our girls to be surrounded by this blanket of misery which seems to weigh so heavily upon it. We decided that we wanted a new home and settled upon Hobart. Not out of some random, pull a town out of hat decision; but because we knew that the potential of a great community was waiting there for us. The hard part was that all our dreams were pinned on Husband getting a job.

He had no such luck for over 12 months and our self imposed cut off date was looming. He bit the bullet and took a job in a field he knows inside and out, but had hoped he wouldn't ever have to go back to. But he has - for us.

So this week, it's all about him and the sacrifices he made "for the greater good." Now we are here and so far we are loving it.

Hooking up with Che and Fidel for the 52 project.

16 March 2013


We have made it to Tas!! I am without my computer so I am typing a quick note via my iPhone. I haven't had a chance to take any photos with my camera so there are no photos this week. Hopefully next week there will be some.

9 March 2013


I'm doing it a day early because it will be "heads down/bum up" for the next few days here. We have removalists here packing on Monday, uplifting Tuesday, cleaning Wednesday, final inspection Thursday and fly out Friday.

*insert manic laughter here*


Imp - Dressed up in all her finery after seeing a photo of the Queen on the net. "I will be the Queen of Tasmania." She has also insisted that I send this to the Queen. Anyone have her email address?

Squeak - Helping Daddy bury her placenta before we move. I didn't think to grab the big camera so I instagramed it instead.

Joining in with Che and Fidel, boy eats kasha, Ingrid Lerstad, and the hundreds of photographers involved in the 52 Project.

See you when we are off the mainland!

7 March 2013

Our daggy Valentines presents

Husband and I try to remember to partake in Valentines Day but usually we forget, like our anniversary (shocking, I know.) When we do remember, we don't do the cards/flowers/chocolates gig. We are the anti Valentines Day participants. So we buy each other daggy presents. One year I got a pack of cheap shower caps.

This year, Husband remembered and went out op shopping to find something. I completely forgot, of course.

And his present was not daggy - it was rather cool

How do I compete with this?!

I could not beat this. I loved it!! But, I would give it my best shot. What can I say; I'm competitive.

I see your funky plaque and raise you a spoon rest.

We found out later, that we had both been to the same op shop. Love the Salvos!