30 May 2013

Letters of Random

Dear Squeak - 

I love you. I really do. You are my little warrior woman and your "I don't give a stuff what the universe thinks of me" attitude is commendable and makes me puff up with pride. But if you ever fill your rubber boots with wet sand again, bring them home in that condition only for me to wonder "what the f*ck is that smell?!"  while stink lines start wafting from my laundry which forces me to use my uber superhuman nostrils of strength to hunt that odor down and then I nearly gag on it, I may disown you and leave you at the beach next time.

Dear complacent gland situated in a blah like fashion in my brain - 

Wake up! No don't roll over and scratch yourself before dozing back off to sleep. Listen up! You should have dealt with that immediately when you got home instead of leaving it in the laundry for a week. Next time, don't just walk past it and say "meh" as you close the door on it. If you do, I will have to withhold chocolate from you and you would like that, would you?

Dear chocolate loving hemisphere- 

You know I don't mean that, right? I still loves you heaps. We're cool, right? Let's hug it out with a Time Out bar.


And here is a random donkey letter box.

25 May 2013


Squeak - "Can we GO!" and showing us how much really did not want to see the paintings

Imp - completely pulled into a short documentary on how nursery rhymes were originally to parody the royal family and politicians. (did you know this? I didn't have a clue)

I "cheated" this week. I really couldn't be bothered dragging the camera around the TMAG so trusty iPhone it is!

18 May 2013



Big with his two smalls

I was asked by Husband what I would like to do for Mothers Day and my answer was "go for drive down to the Huon so I can take photos." Mission accomplished. This would have to be my favourite photo from our that day while we roamed through our new neighbourhood.

Inspired by and tagging along with Che and Fidel's 52 Project.

Oh and go check out Chloe the little food inspector from Forever Lovely, this amazing photo of Sage at the Sydney Aquarium, beautiful hugs between smalls at The Golden Adventures of a very dark horse, and these two adorables at she had us at hello

11 May 2013



A quiet moment at the Tasmanian Art Gallery and Museum.

Joining in with McLendons in Budapest (Claudia's face made me giggle), Ingrid Lerstad, Under Our Own Olive Tree, Berries and Graphite, and Che and Fidel with the 52 Project.

8 May 2013

Go Slow


Slowing down is most definitely the theme we have adopted at the moment. We are into our fourth week of illness in the household, starting with Squeak and now hitting Imp. There really is no choice but for us to go slow for the now.

It is also gives me the opportunity to stop and take notice of the little things around me. To watch the season of Autumn start to slowly drift towards winter. Noticing the difference in the sun and how it illuminates the morning sky. The dew adding nature's glitter to all it touches. To appreciate being wrapped in a blanket of warmth in our house while we recuperate. These are the moments which help me breathe out after very long weeks of coughs, tears and frayed tempers which comes with all of us being unwell.

I am also seizing the opportunity to use up all my scrap yarn to knit Squeak a little cardigan to keep her warm against the coming winter. This is a first for me so I am eager to see how well this turns out. Look out for more photos to come (if successful.)

2 May 2013

Nature's Night Show


I cannot take credit for this photo. This one was taken by Husband who with awe, excitement and patience, stood outside in the unbelievably cold nights air (4C) to shoot frame after frame. This was the first time that I, and the girls, had witnessed something so beautiful. It was just spectacular last night as even with my own eyes I could faintly see the beams shoot to the highest points of the sky.

Husband uttered softly "I have waited 30 odd years to see this" and I think he can agree with me it was so worth the wait. We live in the most beautiful part of the world. We really do.