30 June 2013


A little late today but here we go.....


Squeak pretending to be a dolphin (I don't get it either). Not the most technically good photo but the blur sums her up: constantly moving to the point she makes others dizzy in her wake.

Imp lost in the rainbow. She loves rainbows and today we were blessed by a beautiful arc not far from our house. 

Joining in for another week with Che and Fidel (halfway there!!)

23 June 2013


Winter has most definitely arrived here. We were greeted on the Solstice morning with a beautiful surprise by Jack Frost, who had redecorated nature in icy cold jewelry. It was crisp, invigorating and state to behold; a forgotten reminder of my childhood.


Imp in awe and photographing The Skywhale which was here as a part of Dark MoFo. It was very cold up on Regatta Grounds so we didn't stay out for too long.

Joining in with Che and Fidel

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16 June 2013


Another week of being bunkered in our house due to the cold, and Mama not being used to the cold, meant that there are no photos this week. However, this one was taken last Sunday after I had submitted 23/52 so that could sort of count - couldn't it?  Yeah I know, reaching much.

So here is Imp and Squeak, with their Mama knitted beanies, trying to suss out if climbing (or as I envisioned - rolling fast) down the embankment would be a good idea. They decided against it.

Joining in with Che and Fidel for the 52 Project.

9 June 2013


Oh what a week! Did it just zoom by for anybody else? I only pulled my camera out once this week,so it's one from the big camera and one from trusty instagram.


Squeak is in love with this little music box. It is probably as old as me but for $3 at the local op shop, it was worth every cent.

Imp exploring the waterway near our house. We really do live in the most beautiful part of the world

Joining in with Che and Fidel for the 52 Project

1 June 2013


Cloud watching with Imp & Squeak.

Joining with Che and Fidel