10 July 2013


The house of chaos has been a wee bit behind this week. We have been plundered by the dreaded lurgy.

deep and dark

Squeak taking a moment watching the plants (or are they weeds) popping up in The Littles cottage garden. Husband took this photo and I have stolen it for the series.

Imp threading her beads to make a necklace. It was such a lovely crafternoon of making the beads from scratch, popping them in the oven and then making their final pieces.

Joining in with Jodi from Che & Fidel for the 52 Series


  1. I'm looking forward to Eve being big enough to make beads, that looks like fun.
    Hope everyone is better soon!

    1. It was great fun. So much concentration and joy from them creating something with their own hands. I think we are on the tail end of the colds; for this time around anyway.

  2. Love the angle shot of Imp! So nice to spend an afternoon crafting!


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