7 October 2014

Take Two

With a deep breath, I am blowing away the dust off the top of this blog and I will begin posting again. There are a couple of reasons behind my decision. Firstly, because we will be registered homeschoolers soon, I will need “proof” to show the moderator that we actually do teach and not sit down to watch My Little Pony all day. This will become much more of a “homeschooler” blog than anything else  and I will be chatting about it A LOT, so it may be boring for some. If so, thanks for dropping in. Sorry it wasn't what you remembered and I hope you find what you are looking for. There are plenty of other blogs out there that will adequately fill that cup for you.

Secondly, I do miss the interaction of the blog world.  But there will be a few things that will be different because it is very easy to fall into the trap of enjoying the interaction a wee bit too much, which then turns to craving the positive to thinking “how can I show things which will invite more people/comments etc.” Soon, you can find yourself becoming a slave to it and then it becomes a chore.  You start thinking about things you can do and subsequently show to get approval from faceless people from behind a screen. Truth can become distorted and your soon lose sight of why you clicked on the big orange B icon in the first place. Authenticity blurs. Not all bloggers feel this way, granted. This is not about pointing fingers because gosh that would be really rude and uncalled for, but this is how I was feeling which I was why I pulled away.

The aim is to be as honest and realistic as possible on here. And to post when I feel like it, so don't be surprised if there is a healthy gaps between posts. If I post and we are having a shit day, then that is what you will read about. We are also on a rather slim amount of monthly data allowance so I can’t do loads of awesome photos without a rather terse “Please explain” coming from the direction of The Husband and quite frankly I am not keen on having that conversation with him.

Also, you may find some posts have gone missing. The majority of last year’s 52 Project will be put on ice while I decide if I want my girls exposed so much on a public domain such as this. Anything which I deem as making them recognizable will be gone.

So with that, I will smash the bottle over the bow of the blog and watch it launch sideways back into the global blog village. God(dess) bless it and all who read it.