27 December 2014

The day we went to Owlet's house

Well it has taken us 18 months, numerous colds and moving house to finally getting around to a playdate/drinking tea date at Owlet's. Imp had developed a friendship with one of Owlet's girls over a period of time attending homeschool gym and I had known Lauren for a little while now through homeschooling and homebirthing circles. But this would be the first time for all of us women, big and small, to be in the same space. The excitement in the car on the way over was palpable. I mean, no one has ever heard of child literally bursting, right?

As soon as we arrived, it was straight down to some serious play time. There was dress ups, indoor tents being made, music making, animated chatter punctuated with bursts of laughter. Thank goodness Lauren was plying us two up with cups of tea because it was just exhausting watching this whirlwind of play!

Soon bodies required refueling and there was nibbling while checking out awesomeness of the veggie patch ("MUM!! They have chickens!! Ohhhh and a TRAMPOLINE!!) Honestly, how I am going to get my girls out the door when this place just has the drawing cards that The Littles just love?

This is where I add that I really, really loved their kitchen and I may have developed stalkerish qualities over the unique stove kettle that resides in that said kitchen.....

After another hour or so of playtime, I somehow extracted The Littles and herded their tired little bodies into the car. A great time was had by all and we have since began attending the Hobart Natural Learners Co-op. It has taken a year but I can see the dots connecting and 2015 looks exciting.


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