hello there!

I am a mother of three, with two living with us, amazing and interesting children known on here as The Littles. Over the past couple of years, the real essence of "home" has had a strong affect on us. Our last child was born at home, 18 months ago we packed up all our belongings from our old home and moved to a new home across the Strait. Now we have extended this further.

Our children are now on a new adventure as we dip our toe into the homeschool pond. The unknown. I have taken the responsibility of facilitating my children's learning away from institutionalised and mainstream schooling. I am picking up the mantle for this. Currently, it is all very new. Very scary. Exhilarating. Did I mention white knuckling?

I have so many varying emotions of excitement, joy, nervousness and fear about embarking on this journey. This is blog will be my journaling to the learning that we all will do and the things we will create. Be it in the garden, behind the lens, my op shopping jaunts, my knitting or to The Little's art and craft.